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Our Services

Orthotic Treatments:

Orthotic treatments involve the use of Custom or Customized Orthoses in order to achieve a desired outcome such as walking better, running faster or jumping higher. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them. The appropriate clinical application and fine tuning of these treatments optimize their overall effectiveness. In other words, matching the appropriate Orthosis to the patient's clinical picture is an art and a science: it requires knowledge, skill and a willingness and desire to turn our patients' goals into reality.

We provide Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and Spinal Orthoses as prescribed by your doctor or specialist. Although we provide a full range of Orthoses, we are not limited by a set catalog. With access to different materials and components, we take pride in customizing our Orthoses to the appropriate specifications to best achieve a positive outcome for you or your child.

Our Orthotic management aims to optimize function by providing stability to joints, and providing the desired range of motion to normalize gait. However it is not all science, as our patients show unlimited creativity in designing their custom Orthosis with colour and pattern choices to make it truly their own. Our wish is that your pride of ownership and appreciation of what your Orthosis will make it a well-loved part of your life.

Many of our patients require Orthotic treatment due to an underlying condition which affects the nervous system, muscular system or the alignment of the skeletal system. For more information about some of the most common medical conditions we encounter, please see our pages on Common Pathologies. Your Orthotist will be happy to discuss appropriate options with you.

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