Lower Extremities

Lower Extremities

Lower Extremity Orthotic Treatments provide appropriate and effective support, a desired range of motion, and improved alignment through a variety of orthoses named for the level of the lower extremity that they encompass. Clinical and Gait Assessments will help to select the most suitable orthosis to optimize your function, based on your specific requirements.

Custom Foot Orthoses (CFOs)
Our Custom Foot Orthoses are corrective with high trim lines where indicated, and provide a neutral alignment where the rigidity of support is customized to the client, and the flexibility at the metatarsals is fine tuned to provide guidance to a desired line of progression. The Custom Foot Orthosis and the Shoe form an integral unit. Educational components include discussion regarding suitable shoes, and a comparison of the Gait Videos before and after treatment. Biomechanical reports will be provided for your insurance requirements.

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) and Supramalleolar AFOs
We provide a variety of Ankle Foot Orthoses with various differing designs  in order to match our client's requirements. We are able to customize every aspect of our orthoses in order to provide mediolateral support, control of sagittal range of motion at the ankle, with varying levels of control to the knee, ankle and foot motion based on clinical and gait assessment, and client requirements.

Other Lower Extremity Orthotic Treatments
Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (HKAFOs), Reciprocal Gait Orthosis (RGO), Scottish Rite Orthoses for Legg Perthes Treatment, Hip Abduction Orthoses, Derotational Orthoses sometimes referred to as Twisters, Dennis Browne Boots/Bar for treatment of Club Feet and  Metatarsus Adductus, Hallux Valgus Orthoses, Toe separators.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFOs) and Knee Orthoses (KOs)
We provide a variety of custom  KAFOs  and KOs to stabilize, align, support and increase or limit range of motion at the knee as required. Non custom Knee Orthoses for rehabilitation are selected and customized based on our client's needs.

Energy Storage Return (Chevron) AFOs
We can provide what is commonly referred to as Chevron AFOs for patients with Crouchgait, muscle imbalance and/or muscle weakness.



Ankle Foot Orthosis


Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis


Shoe Lift

Shoe Lifts and Shoe Modifications

We are pleased to be able to provide in-house shoe lifts for conditions which result in leg length discrepancies. Shoe Modifications may be required to provide additional stability and support for you or your child. Modifications may include adding velcro straps to allow independence, and ease of donning.

Gait Analysis

As an integral part of our comprehensive orthotic treatment, we provide an in-office synchronized video gait assessment through our Contemplas Gait System, where we analyze and record your gait in the frontal to the sagittal planes. This system allows us to make comparisons with previous gait trials and to compare your gait with and without the orthoses to ensure that we have achieved positive clinical outcomes.

This tool also provides an educational component to help patients and their families to understand what the treatment achieves for them, as well as being able to share outcome results with other health professionals. We can also evaluate the changes in gait over time to demonstrate and document achieved orthotic management goals.

We provide a Biomechanical Report as required by your insurance for Custom Foot Orthoses.

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