For Patients

For us, the patient always comes first

The ability to move with ease and control is something many of us take for granted, yet our mobility and postural alignment can have a huge impact on our daily lives and our health in the long-term. Orthotic treatments can improve your alignment and increase your stability, allowing you to walk and stand safely and increasingly improve your stamina and mobility skills, while decreasing compensatory movements. Our aim through Orthotic Treatment is to provide the stability you require in order to achieve mobility at whatever activity level you are at presently.

Orthotic treatments can allow function by positioning and restore body balance through alignment. Orthotic treatments can also improve the efficiency of your gait thereby decreasing the energy required to move through space. The support that orthoses provide can decrease the risk of muscle contractures and/or deformity caused by long-standing malalignment.

Orthotic treatments can assist you in your active lifestyle, preventing injury, and they can delay or prevent surgery. Sometimes orthotic treatments are used post-operatively to protect the surgical site and maintain the correction surgery was able to achieve until full healing takes place. It  can also help to retrain gait in order to overcome past compensatory gait patterns.

In order to achieve these goals, it requires clinical expertise, collaboration with other health practitioners, and commitment to and understanding of the orthotic treatment by you.

We are proud of the fact that we provide a valuable service and not just an orthotic device. We take the time to deliver quality care with documented outcome measures and follow up with re-evaluations in order to provide a comprehensive treatment.

At Ortho Dynamics we understand that the process of being prescribed orthoses for you or your child can be one more thing added to your busy schedule. You may have many other medical appointments to coordinate with and you may have to travel a distance and coordinate travel plans. We want to make this process as simple and helpful as possible so that you can benefit from the services we provide to improve your mobility and gait, spinal alignment, or hand function, thereby improving your quality of life. In the sidebar, you can find patient resources that explain how we make your orthoses,  some frequently asked questions, and information on funding and other patient resources.

Patient Education
You, as the client, have a right to understand the process of orthotic management. It has been shown that an educated patient demonstrates increased compliance and acceptance of the orthoses, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of the orthotic management. We provide education and instruction in the following key areas to our patients and caregivers:

  • Discussion of different designs or treatments available to your family for your specific case.
  • How the Orthotic Treatment will provide a benefit and how the outcome will be measured.
  • The materials to be used in the fabrication of the Orthosis. The appearance and function of the Orthosis. How the Orthosis will affect their gait and independence.
  • Skin care and maintenance of the Orthosis in order to minimize and eliminate problems with the tissue/orthosis interface.
  • Increase in tissue tolerance by the gradual increased use of the Orthosis according to a wearing schedule and set of criteria.
  • Shoe selection and shoe modification or clothing choices over a spinal brace.
  • Funding options.
  • The importance of follow-up appointments.