Ortho Dynamics Spine Clinic

Ortho Dynamics Spine Clinic

Orthotic Treatments for Scoliosis

Our Spine Clinic provides the expertise of our Certified Orthotists in collaboration with the expertise of the Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons at BC Childrens Hospital overseeing the treatment, and collaboration with and access to a Schroth certified Physiotherapist in providing specific exercise based movement treatments.

Adding to our accumulated  years of experience in treating spine conditions, the exciting acquisition of the newest technology of CAD CAM with the Canfit Vorum System and Spectra Scanner in 2014 provided the opportunity to research and develop improved clinical methods, providing the utmost in care and treatment thereby ensuring the best outcomes for our scoliosis patients.

Our idiopathic scoliosis treatments are based on the Rigo Classification system for Chenau type braces known for their derotational control by translation and corrective three point pressure systems through their asymmetrical designs.

CAD CAM technology and the ability to acquire 3D scans of our patients support our knowledge and understanding of scoliosis and the imbalances of the spine, ensuring very specific and accurate corrective forces within our custom fabricated ThoracoLumboSacral Orthoses (TLSO’s).



While the ultimate goal of Scoliosis bracing is to prevent progression of the curve,  a well designed brace with 3-Dimensional corrective forces optimize alignment and have been documented to reduce scoliotic curves while restoring the sagittal spine to a more normal alignment, promoting improved rib cage shape and symmetry during the course of treatment.

During your treatment, your clinical progress and improvements  will be documented through comparisons of digital photographs and clinical measurements, and through radiological comparisons and reports as ordered by your orthopaedic surgeon at regular intervals throughout the course of treatment.

Our custom TLSOs are front opening with a specific design to address your child’s unique spinal alignment. Frequent follow-ups ensure that the TLSO will fit and work well throughout treatment. Adjustments are made as required to ensure comfort and correction.

The successful outcome of Scoliosis Treatment through a custom TLSO is facilitated by the commitment of the patient family in following wearing guidelines, an active lifestyle,  therapeutic exercise to aid in self-correction techniques,  and treatment progress assessed through regular followup appointments with your Orthotist.

Clinical Process

The Initial Consult appointment allows us understand patient history and special considerations, and to discuss and explain the Orthotic Treatment with your family, answering any questions or concerns that you may have about the process or how the treatment works. This is important as the treatment process requires that commitment to the treatment is established and the mechanism of treatment understood.

The Assessment and 3D Scan appointment will be scheduled once the Radiologic image of the spine is obtained and assessed. A thorough physical clinical assessment will be performed and critical measurements will be taken. Digital photographs and a 3D scan provide critical and accurate information as well as providing a reference for the treatment itself. All of this information is then incorporated into providing a corrective blueprint specific to your child’s biomechnical needs.

If your family is located a great distance from Vancouver, the consult and assessment appointments can be incorporated into one, based on having access to the radiological spine image, and a telephone consultation at your convenience.

We will always endeavor to set up appointments as soon as it is possible, and to provide the full treatment within a reasonable amount of time. The TLSO will be custom fabricated in-house, to clinical specifications. Our certified Orthotists are accountable to your family and to your prescribing Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Other Available Orthotic Spine Treatments

We are certified to provide Charleston Night Bending Orthoses which may be prescribed by your doctor for treating Idiopathic Scoliosis. Your specific curve(s) would need to be assessed to determine if this is an appropriate treatment for you.

Custom Anti-Lordotic TLSO to treat Spondylosis and Spondylosthesis, and Post-Operative TLSOs. These Orthotic Treatments are based on your prescription, specific spinal diagnosis and appropriateness of treatment.

Non-Custom Spine Orthoses include but are not restricted to Jewitt HyperExtension Orthoses, and Harris Orthoses (LSO), Sternal-Occipital-Mandibular Immoblizer (SOMI’s) and Minerva Orthoses (CTLSO) for the treatment of injury to spinal vertebrae through trauma, or postoperatively as prescribed.

P1020241 Custom Cervical Orthosis modified for tracheal intubation

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