Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment

As our Orthoses are typically custom made or would require to be specifically ordered, this means you or your child will need to book two appointments with us (sometimes three for more complex cases but this will be determined after the first appointment). The first appointment is a casting appointment where we provide a clinical assessment and capture the shape of the area being treated in the corrected position through a plaster or scotchcast mold or 3D scan on which the final product is based. The second appointment will be when the Orthotic Treatment is provided and where you test out the Orthoses and any final adjustments are made. This appointment usually takes place approximately 2-3 weeks after the casting, although this is dependent on funding approval andĀ  appointment availability.

The casting appointment can take from between 1/2 hour to 1 hour, and the appointment where the treatment is providedĀ  from 1-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the case.

In order to avoid delays, we recommend that you call to arrange an appointment with us as soon as you receive your prescription for the Orthosis.

What to bring for your appointments

  • Your prescription if you were provided one. This will aid our understanding of what your doctor has prescribed, will prevent delays in funding, and we will also need to document it in our files.
  • Medical information (PHN) for new patients
  • Your previous Orthosis, as it will provide valuable information to the history and past treatment.
  • Final Appointment where you will receive your Orthosis.
  • Appropriate footwear and socks if your Orthosis is for your leg or foot, preferably running shoes (for a detailed description of appropriate footwear see our FAQs)

For patients with scoliosis:
You will be provided with specific information regarding your appointments.

Cancellation Policy

At Ortho Dynamics Inc, your scheduled appointment time is reserved just for you. We try not to overbook appointment times in order to provide and deliver the quality of care that every patient deserves. We will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs. In return, we ask that you help us by keeping your scheduled appointments, arriving on time and notifying us a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours in advance if you are unable to make your appointment. We understand that unforeseen circumstances do happen and schedules do change, but we ask that you please keep our office informed of any of these events. When we receive advanced notice of a cancellation, we are able to accommodate other patients who are waiting for appointments with our orthotists.

Listed below is our missed appointment office policy:

  • First missed appointment: Our staff will call to ensure that everything is ok and to reschedule your appointment. A missed appointment causes a delay in treatment. Every patient is very important to us and we want to see their best possible outcome.
  • Second missed appointment: You will receive a letter regarding the missed appointment and you will be charged a missed appointment fee of $50.00. While this is unfortunate, if missed appointments are avoided this will allow more patients who are waiting for service to be seen and receive treatment.
  • Future appointment: Further appointments may require immediate payment of $50.00 when the appointment is booked which will be used towards adjustments or a new device as long as you attend your original scheduled appointment date and time.
    Any patient more than 20 min late will be considered to have missed their appointment and will be charged the missed appointment fee and rescheduled.Please be aware that a missed appointment fee is not covered by MSP, MEI, or any other third party or government funding. Patients are responsible for this amount.